Goose fat Maison Escudier 690g

Goose fat Maison Escudier 690g


This goose fat with a good taste of French terroir will delight your family or your guests.

This French product, which can be delivered to you wherever you are, is manufactured in a traditional way and with quality products.


To prepare a recipe with the good taste of the soil, do not hesitate to use this goose fat to bring back potatoes for example. It will be delicious.

This simple recipe will delight everyone, young and old alike.

If you do not use all the goose fat, you can keep it in a hermetic jar in the fridge.

So whether you are an expatriate friend or not, let yourself be tempted by a good, typically French meal, whether you are in Portugal, the United States, Australia or China.


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Beans cooked in goose fat

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Goose fat Maison Escudier 690g