Black Truffles in Pieces Plantin 12.5g

Black Truffles in Pieces Plantin 12.5g


La truffe, un produit d'exception qui se mariera avec des poissons, des viandes et bien sûr des œufs.

Vous ne serez pas déçu par ce produit de la maison PLANTIN, entreprise familiale et spécialiste de la truffe.


Prepared and preserved in a jar, these pieces of truffle must be used in a recipe for fish, meat, game and poultry, or in a sauce, and not just grated on a dish.

So go ahead and impress your guests with this product that will please everyone.

In order to enjoy or to make enjoy this diamond of the kitchen, have it delivered wherever you are from San Francisco to Tokyo, through London, Stockholm, Shanghai, Seville, or Munich or Seoul


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