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Ferrero Fine Grain Couscous 500g


Fine grains or medium grains? the debate is interesting! It's up to you to choose your couscous!

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For lovers of long summer evenings with friends on the terrace, tabbouleh - grilled meats and rosé wine, here is the ideal recipe for this dish that is no longer presented:


Especially choose fine grain semolina, for 5 people (in this case don't forget to invite your single expatriate friend) take a 500g packet.

Then buy at the market (very important it was specified by Fred!) a red and a green pepper each of good size, then three ripe and sun-ripened tomatoes (now I'm getting excited), small onions like cebettes, juicy lemons, mint.

Don't forget the olive oil, a little salt and a little pepper.

You're ready to get started:

In a salad bowl: put the semolina to swell with the juice of the lemons, then add the tomatoes cut in very small dices, then the juice (si si !!!) of the peppers and this is where it gets complicated you need a mandolin and there you grate your peppers with the mandolin and you throw (or reuse in another dish) your peppers skins, do not put them in your tabbouleh.

Then you have to add your onions cut in very small dices.

Let it swell for half a day or even ideally do it the day before and leave it in the fridge overnight.

The next day, adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper and add the chopped mint.

And here comes Fred ! We know how to make the famous tabbouleh too !

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