Dear expatriate friends, find all your favorite French products delivered directly to your home: everyday products, savory groceries, sweet groceries, but also fine groceries: French foie gras, antipasti, spreads and fish preserves and our selection of French wines: red, white and rosé. Without forgetting our vinegars and oils of Provence.

It will be all the flavors and French products in delivery wherever you are.

You will be able to browse our site, order and pay in complete security.

When you choose Israel as your delivery country, you must make sure that your items will be allowed to enter.

Imports of alcohol (unless an import license is obtained) and animal products are prohibited.

Customs may also require an importer's registration/identification number for clearance. (Examples: EIN, SSN, VAT, GST, RFC, etc.).

If the value of the package is less than 70 ILS, the package will not be taxed.

The consignee must be in possession of an import permit regardless of the value or the status of the consignee (private or professional).

Importation of animal products and alcoholic products is prohibited.

The territory of Gaza is not served for shipments of goods.

It is up to the customer to check with the local authorities if the products or goods are not subject to additional information, particular restrictions on import or prohibition pure and simple.

Your order of French products can be delivered with care and speed in all the cities of Israel: from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, via Eilat, Kfar Nakhum and Caesarea.