The creation of Mon Épicerie Française is a family story.

It was while traveling with my children in various countries around the world that this idea was born.

When someone asks you after ten days "Mom, can I have my Nutella now? "and I couldn't find any, I said to myself, but of course this is the idea: to allow all expatriates to find all the products of their daily life that they miss when they are far from home.

To have the possibility, even if you are in a wonderful country where you can find all kinds of products, to import a "little piece of France".

This online store is like shopping in your French grocery store: you will be able to have all your favorite products delivered anywhere in the world, within 2 to 10 working days depending on where you are, and for a reasonable cost.

The whole family will be delighted: you will find on this site all your favorite products in savory or sweet groceries, in breakfasts and snacks, in drinks and aperitifs, for children young and old, but also organic products, all your beauty care and parapharmacy, as if you were at home, but also because it is also necessary to think about it: your favorite cleaning products!

You will also find, punctually, according to the periods of the year: for the return to school of various supplies, for Halloween a multitude of ideas, for Christmas of the ideas gifts, and so on throughout the year.

If you don't find what you are looking for on this site, don't hesitate to give me your special order and I will find the product you are looking for.

This online store, for you expatriates, is your store, so don't hesitate to browse my site and treat yourself!