Find all your favorite French products delivered directly to your home in Guadeloupe: common products, savory groceries, sweet groceries, but also fine groceries: French foie gras, antipasti, terrines and our choice of dry sausages. Not to mention our cookies, vinegars and oils from Provence. Have our cookies and chocolates delivered to you quickly and safely, which will delight the little ones, as well as our selection of French wines: red, white and rosé for the older ones.

It will be all the flavors and French products in delivery wherever you are.

You will be able to browse our site, order and pay in complete security.

Your order of French products will be delivered with care and speed in all the cities of Guadeloupe: Les abymes in Baie-Mahault while passing by Le Gosier, Saint-Anne, Petit-Bourg, le Moule.

The importation of alcohol is limited to 2 liters per sending.

In the regions of Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte and Reunion, a tax called "dock dues" is applicable: