Antipasti with two tomatoes l'Épicurien 100g

Antipasti with two tomatoes l'Épicurien 100g


Here is an essential spread to have in your cupboards: it will serve you in the elaboration of a great number of recipes: aperitif, verrines, savoury tarts and so many other recipes.


This product of l'Epicurien will be a perfect spread for your aperitifs but you can also use it as a sauce for a good pasta dish or to spread on a puff pastry to prepare a good zucchini and goat cheese pie. Hum !!! a real treat !

It will make the joy of your family: the little ones but also the adults!

This antipasti with two tomatoes: fresh tomatoes and dried tomatoes is elaborated with care and with quality products.

Don't hesitate to treat yourself from Boston to Montreal, via Mexico City, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo or Recife.


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