Soaps of Bordeaux the craft as we like it!

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At Mon Épicerie Française we love beautiful and good things as you know. We recently crossed paths with Delphine from "Savons de Bordeaux", an artisanal soap manufacturer that is a real gem. We are very happy to be able to introduce you to this house which is our new partner.

Founded in 2008, Savon de Bordeaux® is the fruit of a family history and 100% regional. Passionate about nature and the city of Bordeaux, they came up with the idea of creating a range of soaps with fragrances inspired by the region: Red Vine, Vine Peach, Pyla Flower, Ferret Seaweed, White Grape, Landes Forest ... The soaps are handcrafted and are based on natural ingredients: essential oils for the fragrances, mineral and vegetable pigments for the colors. With a nod to the Bordeaux vineyards, the soaps are enriched with grape seed oil.

Manager from the beginning, Anne-Sylvie has worked daily for Savon de Bordeaux® to develop, in particular through a range of hospitality products that can be found in very beautiful residences and guest houses in the New Aquitaine region. Communicator, handler, salesperson, accountant.... Anne-Sylvie has worn many hats. Today, just a few steps away from retirement, she is slowly handing over to her eldest daughter, Delphine. "I am happy that this family adventure is continuing".

After 14 years in press relations in communication agencies in Bordeaux and Paris, Delphine decided at the age of 36 to take that this family brand could continue. Mother of two young children, she is sensitive to the planet and its environment. "Offering products made from natural and quality raw materials, in a traditional way, with respect for people, whether they are producers, retailers or users, is an obvious choice".

Today, Delphine is developing new ranges of zero waste products.

To please yourself or to offer, we propose you the soap by unit in 4 choices of perfumes and also two boxes of 3 soaps.

Soaps by unit : 4 fragrances to choose from. Cotton flower, Forest of the Landes, Flower of Pyla and Peach of vine. For me, the cotton flower scent is divine...

Le Coffret tricolore : Very nice wooden box composed of 3 natural soaps Algues du Ferret, Fleur de coton and Vigne rouge.

The Box 3 Soaps Flowers : A box with flower scents composed of 3 natural soaps Fleur du Pyla, Fleur de jasmin and Rose sauvage.

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