Crunch milk chocolate bar 2x100g


For an explosion of chocolate in your mouth, there's nothing like a Crunch bar.


Made with care and expertise, the Crunch milk chocolate bar offers a unique taste experience. Each square is an explosion of flavours, combining the sweetness of milk chocolate with the irresistible texture of crispy crêpes. Whether you're enjoying it alone, with family or friends, this bar is guaranteed to melt your heart.

By ordering the Crunch milk chocolate bar from our online store, you can now enjoy this delicious treat wherever you are in the world. We offer international delivery so you can enjoy this sweet treat whether you're in Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Montreal or anywhere else. No need to deprive yourself of this unique chocolate!

Don't miss the chance to taste this pure chocolate delight. Order your Crunch milk chocolate bar now from our online store and let yourself be seduced by its irresistible taste. What are you waiting for? Let your palate soar to new taste sensations today!


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