Oaï  Olives Timon Sourrieu 100g

Oaï Olives Timon Sourrieu 100g


Discover the exceptional tapenade created by chef Guillaume Sourrieu. A daring fusion of green olives, fennel and pastis, in Oai Marseillais style, which reveals an explosion of flavours on the palate.


Discover an exceptional culinary experience with "Oaï Olives by Michelin-starred chef Guillaume Sourrieu". This refined tapenade is the fruit of the creative imagination and undeniable talent of the Michelin-starred chef himself. Oai Olives du chef étoilé Guillaume Sourrieu" subtly combines the aniseed flavour of fennel, the aromatic richness of pastis and the intensity of carefully selected olives. These top-quality ingredients are precisely blended to create a tapenade of perfect harmony, both delicate and bold.

Oaï in Marseille means mayhem, and here the mayhem is well organised.

Treat yourself to an unparalleled gastronomic experience and discover the perfect union of fennel, pastis and olives, and let your palate marvel at this extraordinary culinary creation.


Data sheet

Fennel, Green Olives, Pastis
Culinary Advices
Spread on toast or with crunchy vegetables

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