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Tête d'Anchois Timon & Sourrieu 100g

Tête d'Anchois Timon & Sourrieu 100g


Taste the perfect harmony of flavors with the anchovy and fig spread from Michelin-starred chef Timon et Sourrieu!


When I discovered the Anchovy and Fig Head Spread from Michelin-starred chef Timon et Sourrieu, I knew I was in for a unique culinary experience. This 100g jar contains a bold and refined combination of Mediterranean flavors, transforming every tasting experience into a veritable gustatory voyage.

This spread is much more than a simple aperitif. As soon as you open the jar, the intense aroma of anchovies mingles subtly with the sweetness of figs, creating a perfect harmony of sweet and savory. I like to spread it generously on crunchy toast or slices of freshly toasted baguette. It's also an excellent accompaniment to crunchy vegetables or blinis.

What makes this spread truly special is the expertise of Michelin-starred chef Timon et Sourrieu. Each ingredient is selected with the utmost care, and you can feel it from the very first bite. The texture is creamy, and the flavors are perfectly balanced, offering a gourmet experience on a par with the finest restaurants.

And the best part? You can order this anchovy and fig head spread online and have it delivered straight to your home, wherever you are in the world. No need to search for gourmet products in delicatessens, this little gem is just a click away.


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