Ravioli Boeuf Panzani 400g

Panzani Beef Ravioli 400g


Whoever has never eaten canned ravioli, raise your hand! Here is a can that will do you a lot of good: easy to order, easy to have delivered anywhere in the world, easy to prepare and easy to eat!


If you want to rediscover a dish from your childhood, to make your own children discover it, then don't hesitate any longer and have these ravioli in a box delivered anywhere in the world.

This dish is prepared in a flash: eight minutes in the pan or 3 minutes in the microwave and it's done! So I say taaaaaable the little ones and the big ones!

Take advantage of our fast home delivery in many countries from Los Angeles to Sapporo through Orlando, Vilnius, Shanghai, Riga, Sydney or Bratislava.


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Panzani Beef Ravioli 400g