Maggi Pot au Feu Broth 120g

Maggi Pot au Feu Broth 120g


These twelve little tablets are going to do you a huge service

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To change a bit from the classic pot au feu why not try making a vegetable pot au feu?

for that you need:

4 carrots

2 turnips

1 leek

2 onions with cloves

1/2 white cabbage

salt and pepper
herbes de provence, thyme and laurel and 2 bouillon cubes.

Prepare the casserole with water and the 2 Knorr cubes. The water must cover the vegetables.

After washing and peeling the vegetables, cut them into medium pieces and put them together in the casserole.

Cover and cook for 1 hour. Then discovered, if the amount of water is too great.

Add herbs if necessary, for perfume.

Serve with a separate cooked meat or fish and enjoy.

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Maggi Pot au Feu Broth 120g