Justin Bridou Dry Sausage 275g

Justin Bridou Dry Sausage 275g

The dry sausage always has its place during an aperitif, then friends expatriates do not hesitate any more, this dry sausage can be delivered to you everywhere in the world.

This product cannot be shipped to the United States


The dry sausage: here is a very French product ! so if you miss this French product do not hesitate to order!

Let yourself be tempted by this proven French brand. Invite your friends and enjoy this sausage as an aperitif or during an impromptu picnic.

Then friends expatriates from Germany, Canada, Ukraine or Portugal, succumb to this typically French product. (Japan and Australia require an import permit from the consignee)


Data sheet

Countries banning imports
Australia - United States (except California) - Canada - Japan - Indonesia - New Zealand - Israel - Russia

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Justin Bridou Dry Sausage 275g