Soupe Déshydratée Tomates Mozzarella Knorr 75cl

Knorr Dehydrated Tomato Mozzarella Soup 75cl


All the flavors of Italy in this tomato soup.

This little bag won't take up much space in your cupboards but will do you a great service.

Easy to prepare in no time!


This soup will be very easy to prepare: you just heat a little water, once the water is almost boiling, you pour the sachet, you wait for three minutes while stirring gently and it's ready!

The whole family will be delighted, you'll see!

I'll give you a little secret: just add a few croutons (to be found a little further on our site) and that's it!

Take advantage of our home delivery service to enjoy this soup whether you are in Melbourne, Osaka, Los Angeles, Shanghai or London.


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