Croutons à l'ail Tipiak 140g

Croutons à l'ail Tipiak 75g


A little bag to always have in your cupboards: you can use these croutons for many original recipes.

These are rubbed with garlic for even more flavor.


A small bag that will do you a lot of good: as an accompaniment to a good fish soup, a country soup or to spice up a zucchini soup.

It can also be used as one of the ingredients of an original starter: cold zucchini soup, feta cheese, Japanese pearls and small croutons! Your guests will be amazed!

Take advantage of our home delivery whether you are in Baltimore or Brisbane via Canton, Berlin, Toronto or Milan.

*Please note that the weight used for delivery of this product is the volumetric weight, due to its large volume, guaranteeing accurate pricing based on the space occupied in the parcel.


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Croutons à l'ail Tipiak 75g