Teraxyl 2x1 Mint 75ml

Teraxyl 2x1 Mint 75ml


This toothpaste brand is the specialist of 2 in 1 formulas: toothpaste and dental solution, so go for it and get up to 12 hours of freshness!


This toothpaste presented not in a tube but in a modern plastic bottle will be ideal for all your little family.

Formulated with a combination of active ingredients, this toothpaste helps prevent plaque, remove stains and strengthen tooth enamel. Its refreshing mint formula leaves your mouth clean and refreshed while providing you with pleasantly minty breath.

Teraxyl Mint Toothpaste is easy to use and suitable for daily use. It is recommended by dentists for its effectiveness and safety. With its fresh mint flavor, it's perfect for the whole family.

So why wait? Order Teraxyl Mint Toothpaste now and enjoy its benefits for healthy teeth and fresh breath all day long.


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Teraxyl 2x1 Mint 75ml