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Plantin 3% Truffle Mayonnaise 100g

Plantin 3% Truffle Mayonnaise 100g


Elevate your dishes with Plantin's 3% truffle mayonnaise - a touch of luxury for every bite!


If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your meals, Plantin's 3% truffle mayonnaise is exactly what you need. As soon as I opened the jar, I was seduced by the enchanting aroma of truffles, which promised a unique taste experience.

This mayonnaise is much more than just a condiment. It transforms every dish into a true gastronomic creation. Imagine crispy French fries dipped in this creamy mayonnaise, or a gourmet sandwich enhanced by the intense, refined flavor of truffles. Even grilled vegetables take on a new dimension with a touch of this wonderful sauce. It's also perfect to accompany seafood such as grilled shrimp, or to add a sophisticated touch to a homemade burger. For tapas lovers, try it on toast with roasted vegetables or fine charcuterie.

Known for its excellent products, the brand uses carefully selected ingredients, guaranteeing an authentic, refined flavor in every jar of mayonnaise.


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