Floraline semolina 500g

Floraline semolina 500g


We no longer present the Floraline: this famous cereal specialty to be cooked.

It is a little bit our "madeleine de Proust"! It is not for nothing that it exists since 1932!


Floralin contains 95% durum wheat semolina and 5% tapioca semolina.

You will be able to use it for various things: to thicken soups, to absorb the juice of fruits in a pie, to elaborate wonderful gratins, clafoutis, fillings, and to make vanilla or chocolate desserts.

You will please the little ones as well as the grown-ups!

So if you are far from home, in the United States, Canada, China or Japan, let yourself be tempted.


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Floraline semolina 500g