L'Épicurien Black Tapenade 100g

L'Épicurien Black Tapenade 100g


This great classic of Mediterranean cuisine will delight your taste buds and those of your expatriate guests or not!

Whether you are in Japan, Portugal or Taiwan, let yourself be tempted.


This black tapenade is prepared in France in an artisanal way and with quality ingredients:

Personally I do not use this tapenade only for the aperitif on toast, but I also use it to prepare a tapenade bread.

Here is my recipe, the real one, the only one !!!

Beat 3 eggs with 2 spoonfuls of heavy cream.

Add the tapenade (the 90g)

Put in an ovenproof dish, a cake tin for example, and bake it in a bain-marie for 1 hour, thermostat 6.

You can eat it lukewarm or let it cool down and enjoy it with a tomato and basil crushed tomato.


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