How did the idea of creating Mon Épicerie Française come about?

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Passionate about travel, we have visited many countries, giving priority to contact with the population. It happened to us to find ourselves in places where the products sold were only local products and even when we found ourselves in important cities (from Los Angles to Melbourne via Singapore, Rio and many others) many French products were missing.

This did not bother us until our children started traveling with us. The question they asked us each time was not "When will we arrive?" but "Mom, do you think we will find Nutella? Do they sell Granola, chocolate bars?", our answer was not long in coming "We did not come here to eat the same thing as at home? But after 10 days ....

We realized that the French food allowed us to fill the need of our little ones, it is necessary to know that a child develops his taste buds even before being born. French gastronomy also allows us to soften the nostalgia of France.

So we came back to France and decided to create a company that would allow expatriates to find their favorite products, and non-French people to discover or rediscover our typical French products. After having taken the time to do a small market study which turned out to be conclusive, we contacted the French customs in order to have information on the customs conditions for sending non-perishable food products worldwide. We don't hide you that this step was not a health course, but we succeeded in obtaining the approvals and the information on the legislation as regards importation in most of the countries.

After this arduous task we offered ourselves some comfort by selecting the products that could satisfy our customers but we also tested some delicatessen products. We can tell you it was hard to taste many brands of foie gras, chocolates, calissons.... This indigestion of sweetness all in softness, allowed us to meet exceptional manufacturers, of a big kindness and to offer at a competitive price products of qualities.

Now you know the secret of the creation of Mon Épicerie Française, but this one is no longer a secret since I told you (Jean Dujardin's cult phrase in 99 Francs).

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