L'Épicurien Follement Truffe Gift Box

L'Épicurien Follement Truffe Gift Box


It's time for an aperitif with this gift set. Immerse yourself in gastronomic extravagance with our Follement Truffe gift box. This exquisite box brings together three sensational creations, each combining the richness of truffles with unique flavors.


A perfect gift for food lovers and truffle enthusiasts, this box is a true celebration of the culinary arts. This box includes :

  • Cream of White Asparagus with Périgord Truffle (100g): Discover the perfect harmony between delicate asparagus and Périgord truffle in this luxurious cream. Each bite offers an explosion of subtle flavors, combining the freshness of asparagus with the bewitching depth of truffle.
  • Cream de Potimarron à la Truffe Noire (100g): Let yourself be carried away by the velvety sweetness of pumpkin combined with the intensity of black truffle. This unctuous cream offers a refined taste experience, balancing the sweetness of pumpkin with the rich, earthy aromas of black truffle.
  • Cream of Artichoke with Périgord Truffle (100g): A delicious fusion of tender artichokes and Périgord truffle characterizes this exquisite cream. Each spoonful reveals a symphony of flavors, blending the slight bitterness of artichoke with the fragrant nobility of truffle.

Order now and treat your loved ones to a feast of truffle flavors, wherever they may be in the world, from Tucson to Sydney or Vancouver, via Copenhagen, Nagoya, Washington, Rome or Budapest or Munich.


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