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Timon & Sourrieu Pepper Rouste 170g

Timon & Sourrieu Pepper Rouste 170g


Succumb to the sun-drenched flavors of Timon & Sourrieu's Rouste de Poivrons, a Mediterranean explosion in every bite.


Discover the delicious Rouste de Poivrons Timon & Sourrieu 170g, a creation of Michelin-starred chef Timon Sourrieu, made in France and now available for worldwide delivery on our online store! This traditional recipe for candied peppers in a sterilized jar is a culinary treasure trove, perfect for your aperitifs or to add a touch of authenticity to your dishes (such as ratatouille, bruschettas, Mediterranean mixed salads, vegetable pasta dishes, pizzas...).

Made with carefully selected, freshly picked peppers, Timon & Sourrieu's Rouste de Poivrons is the result of traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation. Its rich, flavorful taste goes perfectly with a variety of dishes, from salads to main courses and aperitifs.

Whether you're in France or on the other side of the world, from Miami to Singapore or Amsterdam, via Sydney, Madrid, Dublin or Oslo, our worldwide delivery service lets you enjoy this French specialty wherever you are. Order your Rouste now and let yourself be transported by its bewitching flavors, crafted with passion and love for traditional French cuisine.


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red and green peppers, feta cheese, mint, olive oil

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