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Infusion Ginger Petals La Plantation 50g


La Plantation Ginger Petals Infusion 50g is an invigorating, aromatic herbal tea made from fine ginger petals, perfect for a relaxing break with stimulating properties.


Discover the exotic in your cup with La Plantation Ginger Petals Infusion, a refined 50g blend featuring ginger in all its splendor. Each sachet contains dried ginger petals, carefully selected for their superior quality and beneficial properties. This infusion invites you on an unforgettable gustatory journey, with an intensely aromatic, slightly spicy taste that stimulates the senses and warms the body. Whether you're looking for an energizing start to the day, or an afternoon wellness break, La Plantation's Ginger Petal Infusion guarantees a moment of pure pleasure and an authentic experience of traditional medicinal flavors. Enjoy the digestive and soothing virtues of ginger, while savoring a drink of unparalleled sweetness, offering both instant comfort and healthy hydration.


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