Panzani Farfalle 500g

Panzani Farfalle 500g


The butterfly-shaped dough, giving a more refined touch to your dishes.

The farfalles, thanks to their inimitable taste, must find themselves in the basket of a Frenchman abroad.


Here's a simple recipe for your family or friends - just because you're an expatriate doesn't mean you should forget to eat well:

Farfalle with mushrooms and pancetta: Spread slices of pancetta in the oven to make them crispy. In a frying pan fry onion, garlic, chilli pepper and mushrooms in Oil. Then add white wine, Chicken Broth, 35% cream and rosemary. Add cooked pasta, parmesan and parsley.

For this recipe we can replace the pancetta with bacon (easier to find for our expatriate friends).

Farfalles with mushrooms and pancetta chips


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Panzani Farfalle 500g