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Pois Chiches Olabe 400g


Golden chickpeas, a magical touch for delicious, comforting dishes at every meal.


Discover these 400g chickpeas, the ultimate secret for tasty, nutritious meals in the blink of an eye! These little golden gems are perfect for creating delicious, comforting dishes, from fresh salads to comforting stews to delicious spreads like hummus.

Whether you add them to your salads, grain dishes, soups, stews or even make delicious spreads like HUMUS, these chickpeas are a nutritious and delicious option for all your favorite recipes.

Thanks to our global delivery service, you can now enjoy the quality and freshness of these chickpeas wherever you are in the world. Order today and be seduced by the versatility and irresistible taste of these premium quality chickpeas, delivered straight to your door for your culinary pleasure.


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Pois Chiches Olabe 400g