Domaine Tariquet Premières Grives 75cl

Domaine Tariquet Premières Grives 75cl


This white wine during Tariquet will delight you with its fruit notes: mango, quince and honey. It offers a beautiful aromatic expression

This wine is ideal for aperitifs and spicy dishes. Lively and smooth as the Basque Country. So for our friends on the Atlantic Coast hip hip hip hip hip hooray!!!!!

This product may be subject to import restrictions in USA


This wine is ideal as an aperitif and that's how I prefer it, but it will also go well with foie gras, exotic dishes, spicy dishes, desserts made with fresh fruit - as you can see the range of possibilities and very wide.

To help you and make your meal a real success, don't hesitate to choose these simple but excellent recipes that your friends will love. And here is a complete menu in no time at all, all you have to do is dance the Bollywood!

Poulet tikka masala

riz au safran

mango lassi



Data sheet

White Semi-dry, mellow and syrupy
Grape variety
100 % Gros Manseng
Température de service
Countries banning imports
USA / Brazil / Argentina / Canada / Indonesia / Malaysia / Thailand / Vietnam / Israel / Ukraine
Mouth greedy, fruity, lively and mellow

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